NEXT WEEK, our firm will be taking a few days away from work in order to unplug and connect meaningfully with our families and communities. And we strongly recommend (perhaps, even insist) that each of you also invest some time away from professional work, over the holiday.

The word choice above is intentional. Because investment itself is a choice: the policies, the decisions, the settings, and the people, we choose to pour our resources into don’t happen by chance or at random. Programs are funded, priorities furthered, and relationships are built all based on the decisions we continue to make. And this truth is equally applicable to our personal lives, as it is to professional environments.

Taking time off during holidays to re-engage in our personal networks is, usually, a harder “investment choice” than others – because this time of year is also the build up to our busiest season, professionally. This is to say nothing of our continually-expanding virtual world, which makes it easier than ever for work to be a constant, creeping presence during any/all hours. Yet it is a decision we make purposefully, and an investment that always provides value.

We hope you all enjoy a safe, happy, and purposeful, Thanksgiving holiday.


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  • Nov. 29 | Prefile draft request deadlinefor 2022 Session
  • Dec. 2 | 2021 Virginia Education Summit
  • Dec. 2 | Candidate deadline to petition for recount
  • Dec. 7 | Joint Commission on Health Care Meeting 
  • Dec. 13 | Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission Meeting
  • Dec. 16 | Governor’s Budget Presentation to the Joint Money Committees

Virginia has a lot of extra cash, but not as much as it seems

Staffers on the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee spoke cautiously about Virginia’s finances while outlining how the Commonwealth became flush with cash during the course of the pandemic.


Northam orders state to consult with tribal nations when considering permits

Gov. Ralph Northam on Thursday ordered state agencies to consult with Virginia’s federally recognized tribal nations when considering state permits to determine whether development projects might impact environmental, cultural and historic resources.


Virginia driver's licenses may soon include racial and ethnic information

Lawmakers are about to consider legislation that would change what kind of information appears on Virginia driver’s licenses. Your Virginia driver’s license includes your height, the color of your eyes and a fun hologram image of you on clear plastic. But it does not include your race or ethnicity.


Sen. Mark Warner calls China a greater challenge than the Cold War

Sen. Mark Warner coauthored the hard-won $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law Monday, and is currently working to find the slim majority needed to get the Build Back Better Act passed, but the Democrat from Virginia says his biggest concern these days isn’t partisan politics—it’s China.


Chase to officially launch congressional campaign Wednesday

After initially saying she would not be officially announcing her congressional campaign until the final district lines are drawn, state Sen. Amanda Chase (Chesterfield) has changed her mind and is launching her campaign to be the Republican nominee in Virginia’s seventh congressional district Wednesday.


Youngkin vows Virginia will be 'open for business' - with no shutdowns

LEESBURG — Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin promised on Monday to declare Virginia “open for business” on the day he is inaugurated in January, with no more government-mandated shutdowns and restrictions as the state seeks to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mondelēz investing $122M in Henrico bakery expansion

Cookie and cracker manufacturer Mondelēz International will invest $122.5 million in an expansion of its bakery in eastern Henrico, the governor’s office announced Thursday.


Virginians are among least likely to seek unemployment insurance.

Unemployment benefits are intended to provide a temporary safety net for people who lose their jobs, but for decades, fewer and fewer people in Virginia have been turning to the program for help.


Virginia House control in limbo; recounts sought in 2 races

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Two incumbent Democrats who trail Republican challengers in close races in Virginia’s House of Delegates announced Tuesday that they will seek recounts, leaving control of the chamber in limbo.


Four new redistricting special master nominees forwarded to Virginia Supreme Court for state redistricting

RICHMOND — Leaders of Virginia’s House and Senate Republicans and Democrats have nominated four additional candidates to aid the Virginia Supreme Court in redrawing the state’s legislative and congressional district maps.