Public Relations. Government Affairs. Proven Results.


At Davis Consultants, we pride ourselves on relationships that grow success. Whether it’s direct lobbying and advocacy in Virginia’s Capitol Square, public or media relations across the Commonwealth, or the development of an audio-visual message designed to make a distinct and powerful point: we are the place for strategic communication and message delivery in Virginia.


The worlds of politics and media are filled with informational cross-currents, conflicting views, and competitive alliances. After over a quarter century in business – developing relationships and honing our skills – we are widely known and respected for being experienced “straight shooters” in an increasingly circular world. With a firm foundation and gregarious wit, Davis Consultants, Inc. adds a touch of personality that separates us from others in the field.


We can help you identify and isolate what is truly important to your cause, navigating the nuances of the often choppy waters of our industry, and deliver a winning message to strengthen your stance and that of your stakeholders.