What’s yet another Special Session between friends?

Truthfully, the bigger surprise probably would have been seeing the 2022 Regular Session adjourn sine die without another gathering planned within the coming weeks. Likely this is another way that Virginia politics has adjusted to yet another “new normal.”

For all the work that did manage to take place during the winter months – not to mention, an inauguration, the new freshman legislative class in the House, and the general learning curve that accompanies it all – Virginia remains without a budget agreement for the next biennium, and still has several conference reports on other individual pieces of legislation to adopt or reject.

So for this week, as we ease back into a faux-interim (not entirely unlike Richmond’s annual faux spring) and more regular newsletters, we’re including a brief recap of the Regular Session – and highlighting some of the work still ahead for lawmakers.

Besides: What’s $3 billion between House and Senate leadership, anyway?

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  • April 4 | 2022 Special Session I convenes at 12:00 noon
  • April 7 | Deadline for Congressional candidates to file for June 2022 primaries
  • April 19 | Virginia Commission on Youth
  • April 27 | 2022 Reconvened (Veto) Regular Session
  • May 16 | Virginia Code Commission

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House budget leader: ‘Zero’ chance of deal by Monday, still optimistic

House Appropriations Chair Barry Knight, R-Virginia Beach, says there is “zero” chance of a budget agreement by Monday’s beginning of a special session of the General Assembly, but he remains optimistic about reaching a deal with the Senate on a new two-year spending plan for the state.


State Lawmakers Report to Loudoun Chamber on Session So Far

The panel’s split reflects a split in the state legislature, with Republicans holding the majority in the House of Delegates and Democrats controlling the Senate—a split that has stymied many of each party’s efforts.


Virginia General Assembly delivers mixed results for the environment

For environmental advocates, the just-concluded Virginia legislative session had its victories, highlighted by repelling a former Trump official’s nomination to oversee the state’s natural resources.


Youngkin says gas tax holiday proposal won’t guarantee savings for consumers

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Governor Glenn Youngkin wants to temporarily suspend the entire state portion of the gas tax to give Virginians relief at the pump but, in an interview on Wednesday, he acknowledged it won’t guarantee savings for consumers. 


Here’s What’s Left On The Virginia General Assembly’s Plate — And What It Means For Northern Virginia

The General Assembly ended their 2022 session in Richmond this weekend, pushing final decisions on a number of big items — including the commonwealth’s two-year, close to $160-billion budget — to a special session.


ICYMI | Virginia is still failing people with disabilities, say families who are pleading for lawmakers to ‘see’ them

In 2012, the U.S. Justice Department found that Virginia was violating the Americans With Disabilities Act by not providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs. 


Lawmakers prepare for upcoming special session

Legislation that would potentially allow the building of a new football stadium in Loudoun County, as well as bills to address hazing are expected to come before lawmakers during their special session on April 4.


Youngkin weighs bill authorizing police use of facial recognition technology

Gov. Glenn Youngkin met with stakeholders on Wednesday to talk about facial recognition technology legislation that he is deciding whether to sign into law. The bill would allow law enforcement to use photos from Facebook and Instagram to help track down crime suspects and even identify victims.


Legislators nipped Va.’s budding cannabis industry, advocates say

Williamson represents a group of entrepreneurs concerned about the future of the commercial hemp industry in Virginia, because of what they say is the risk and increased regulation of selling these products.


Virginia drops workplace COVID safety measures

Virginia was the first state in the country to implement emergency COVID-19 standards but will now defer to federal rule-makers and existing state workplace safety rules. Board members found in a February meeting that the disease no longer meets the legal standard of posing a “grave danger” to workers.


Warner, Kaine want dog breeding facility stripped of license

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia’s U.S. senators called Thursday on a federal agency to immediately suspend the license of a dog breeding facility where recent inspections have found repeated animal welfare violations.


How the war in Ukraine could impact Virginia agriculture

Agricultural industry figures gathered in Richmond Tuesday for the Governor’s Conference on Agricultural Trade. Even as they highlighted Virginia’s farm exports, the war in Europe cast its shadow on an important import.


Virginia’s new behavioral health director orders strategic plan for struggling state agency

For the first time in nearly a decade, Virginia’s beleaguered behavioral health agency is developing a strategic plan to pull the state’s system out of an ongoing crisis in psychiatric care.


Vice President Kamala Harris set to tout corporate giants’ $4.7 billion pledge to minority-owned businesses based near Washington D.C.

Harris will speak at an event at Howard University where the Greater Washington Partnership, a nonprofit civic alliance, will unveil the five-year, multibillion-dollar pledge. The funds will go toward businesses and communities in the capital region, including to areas such as Washington D.C., Richmond and Baltimore.


'We ought to have some say' | Virginia creates student advisory board to the state board of education

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — Virginia students will soon have more say in their education. A bill creating a student advisory board to the state board of education is heading to the governor’s desk for a signature. It’s slated to take effect in July 2022.