HD 1

Kilgore, Terry* (R)

Norton City; Counties of Scott, Wise, Lee


HD 3

Morefield, Will* (R)

Counties of Bland, Buchanan, Russell, and Tazewell


HD 4

Wampler, Will* (R)

Counties of Dickenson, Russell, Washington, Wise


HD 5

O’Quinn, Israel* (R)

Cities of Galax, Bristol; Counties of Grayson, Smyth, Washington


HD 6

Campbell, Jeff* (R)

Counties of Carroll, Smyth, Wythe


HD 8

McNamara, Joe* (R)

Salem City; Counties of Roanoke, Montgomery, Craig


HD 17

Head, Christopher* (R)

Roanoke City; Counties of Botetourt, Roanoke

HD 46

Herring, Charniele* (D)

City of Alexandria

HD 60

Edmunds, James* (R)

Counties of Campbell, Charlotte, Halifax, Prince Edward


All results are unofficial until certified on November 15th. 


HD 2
Counties of Prince William, Stafford
King, Candi * Ciarcia, Gina
HD 7
Counties of Floyd, Pulaski, Montgomery
Kitts, Derek
March, Marie
HD 9
Counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick
Craighead, Bridgette Williams, Wren
HD 10
Counties of Patrick, Henry, Franklin
Gooditis, Wendy* Clemente, Nick
 HD 11
Roanoke City
Rasoul, Sam* Nave, Charlie
 HD 12
Radford City; Counties of Pulaski, Montgomery, Giles
Hurst, Chris* Ballard, Jason
 HD 13
Manassas Park City; Prince William County
Roem, Danica* Stone, Christoper
 HD 14
Danville City; Counties of Henry, Pittsylvania
Deitz, Rhett Marshall III, Danny*
HD 15
Counties of Rockingham, Warren, Shenandoah, Page
Scott, Emily Gilbert, Todd*
HD 16
Martinsville City; Counties of Henry, Pittsylvania
Trevillian, Chance Adams, Les*
HD 18
Counties of Rappahannock, Culpeper, Fauquier, Warren
Ward, Douglas Webert, Michael*
HD 19
Cities of Covington, Bedford; Counties of Botetourt, Alleghany, Bedford
Rowden, Wendy Austin, Terry*
HD 20
Cities of Staunton, Waynesboro; Counties of Augusta, Highland, Nelson
Wolf, Randall Avoli, John*
HD 21
Cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeak
Fowler, Kelly* Gould, Tanya
HD 22
City of Lynchburg; Counties of Campbell, Franklin, Bedford
Eaton, Greg Byron, Kathy*
HD 23
City of Lynchburg; Counties of Bedford, Amherst
Short, Natalie Walker, Wendell*
HD 24
Cities of Buena Vista, Lexington; Counties of Bath, Augusta, Amherst, Rockbridge
Soghor, Sam Campbell, Ronnie*
HD 25
Counties of Rockingham, Augusta, Albermarle
Kitchen, Jennifer Runion, Chris*
 HD 26
Harrisonburg City; Rockingham County
Helsley, William Wilt, Tony*
 HD 27
Richmond City; Chesterfield County
Gardner, Debra Robinson, Roxann*
 HD 28
Fredericksburg City; Stafford County
Cole, Joshua* Durant, Tara
 HD 29
Winchester City; Counties of Frederick, Warren
Bayliss, Delmara Wiley, Bill*
 HD 30
Counties of Madison, Culpeper, Orange
Hyde, Annette Freitas, Nick*
HD 31
Counties of Fauquier, Prince William
Guzman, Elizabeth* Baldwin, Ben
HD 32
Loudoun County
Reid, David* Pio, Scott
HD 33
Counties of Frederick, Clarke, Loudoun
Siker, Paul LaRock, Dave*
HD 34
Counties of Fairfax, Loudoun
Murphy, Kathleen* Pan, Gary
HD 35
Fairfax County
Keam, Mark* McGrath, Kevin
HD 36
Fairfax County
Plum, Ken* Lang, Matthew
HD 37
Fairfax City; Fairfax County
Bulova, David* Meteiver, Kenny
HD 38
Fairfax County
Kory, Kaye* Pafford, Tom
HD 39
Fairfax County
Watts, Vivian* Brody, Maureen
HD 40
Counties of Fairfax, Prince William
Helmer, Dan* Pyon, Harold
HD 41
Fairfax County
Filler-Corn, Eileen* Wolfe, John Michael
HD 42
Fairfax County
Tran, Kathy* McGovern, Ed
HD 43
Fairfax County
Sickles, Mark* Hammond, Brenton
HD 44
Fairfax County
Krizek, Paul* Hayden, Richard
HD 45
Alexandria City; Countiles of Fairfax, Arlington
Bennett-Parker, Elizabeth Maddox, JD
HD 47
Arlington County
Hope, Patrick* Hall, Laura
HD 48
Counties of Fairfax, Arlington
Sullivan, Rip* Monroe, Edward
HD 49
Counties of Fairfax, Arlington
Lopez, Alfonso Kilcullen, Timothy
HD 50
Counties of Fairfax, Arlington
Maldonado, Michelle Pleickhardt, Steve
HD 51
Prince William County
Sewell, Briana Cox, Tim
HD 52
Prince William County
Torian, Luke* Martin, Maria
HD 53
Falls Church City; Fairfax County
Simon, Marcus* White, Sarah
HD 54
Counties of Caroline, Spotsylvania
Butterworth, Eric Orrock, Bobby*
HD 55
Counties of Caroline, Hanover, Spotsylvania
Levy, Rachel Fowler, Buddy*
HD 56
Counties of Goochland, Spotsylvania, Louisa, Henrico
Lockhart, Blakely McGuire, John*
HD 57
Charlottesville City; Albermarle County
Hudson, Sally* Hamilton, Philip
HD 58
Counties of Rockingham, Greene, Albermarle, Fluvanna
Ratcliffe, Sara Bell, Rob*
HD 59
Counties of Campbell, Appomattox, Buckingham, Albermarle, Nelson
Moses, Ben Fariss, Matt*
HD 61
Counties of Cumberland, Nottoway, Lunenburg, Amelia, Mecklenburg, Chesterfield
Berry, Trudy Bell Wright Jr., Thomas (“Tommy”)*
HD 62
Hopewell City; Counties of Prince George, Chesterfield
Gore, Jasmine Coyner, Carrie Emerson*
HD 63
Petersburg City; Counties of Dinwiddie, Chesterfield
Aird, Lashrecse* Taylor, Kim
HD 64
Suffolk City; Counties of Prince George, Surry, Isle of Wight
Drewry, Michael Brewer, Emily*
HD 65
Counties of Goochland, Powhatan, Chesterfield, Fluvanna
Coakley, Caitlin Ware Jr., Lee*
HD 66
Cities of Colonial Heights, Richmond, Chesterfield County
Sponsler, Katie Cherry, Mike
HD 67
Counties of Fairfax, Loudoun
Delaney, Karrie* Frizzelle, Bob
HD 68
Richmond City; Counties of Chesterfield, Henrico
Adams, Dawn* Earley Jr., Mark
HD 69
Richmond City; Chesterfield County
Carr, Betsy* Furey, Sheila
HD 70
Richmond City; Counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Henrico
McQuinn, Delores*
HD 71
Richmond City; Henrico County
Bourne, Jeff* Hunter, Nancye
HD 72
Henrico County
VanValkenburg, Schuyler* Holmes, Christopher
HD 73
Richmond City; Henrico County
Willett, Rodney* Kastelberg, Mary Margaret
HD 74
Richmond City; Henrico County
Bagby, Lamont* Brooks, Jim
HD 75
Cities of Franklin, Emporia; Counties of Greensville,
Dinwiddie, Sussex, Lunenburg, Brunswick
Tyler, Roslyn* Wachsmann, Otto
HD 76
Cities of Suffolk, Chesapeake
Jenkins, Clint* Dillender, Michael
HD 77
Cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake
Hayes, Cliff* Burke, Geoffrey
HD 78
Chesapeake City
Cornelisse, Melanie Leftwich, Jay*
HD 79
Cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake
Clark, Nadarius Mason, Lawrence
HD 80
Portsmouth City
Scott Jr., Don* Stanton, Deanna
HD 81
Cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake
Feld, Jeffrey Knight, Barry*
HD 82
Virginia Beach City
Flax, Scott Tata, Anne Ferrell
HD 83
Cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach
Guy, Nancy* Anderson, Tim
HD 84
Virginia Beach City
Melnyk, Kim Davis, Glenn*
HD 85
Virginia Beach City
Askew, Alex* Greenhalgh, Karen
HD 86
Counties of Fairfax, Loudoun
Shin, Irene Perry, Julie
HD 87
Counties of Prince William, Loudoun
Subramanyam, Suhas* Moulthrop, Greg
HD 88
Fredericksburg City; Counties of Fauquier, Spotsylvania, Stafford
Evans, Kecia Scott, Phillip
HD 89
Norfolk City
Jones, Jay* Copeland, Hahns
HD 90
Cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach
Williams Graves, Angelia* Bryant, Sylvia
HD 91
Cities of Poquoson, Hampton, York County
Mugler, Martha* Cordoza, A.C.
HD 92
Cities of Newport News, Hampton
Ward, Jeion* Siff, Benjamin
HD 93
Cities of Newport News, Williamsburg; Counties of James City, York
Mullin, Mike* Gray, Jordan
HD 94
City of Newport News
Simonds, Shelly* Harper, Russ
HD 95
Cities of Newport News, Hampton
Price, Cia* Wilson, David
HD 96
Counties of James City, York
Downey, Mark Batten, Amanda*
HD 97
Counties of New Kent, King William, Hanover
Scott, Stan Wyatt, Scott*
HD 98
Counties of King & Queen, King William, Gloucester, Middlesex, Essex, Mathews
Webster, Ella Hodges, Keith*
HD 99
Counties of Lancaster, Caroline, King George, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmoreland
Blizzard, Linwood Ransone, Margaret*
HD 100
Norfolk City; Counties of Accomack, Northampton
Norton, Finale Bloxom, Rob*



**ALL results are unofficial until certified on November 15th. (Last updated 11/3/21 at 10:05 a.m.)

Campaign Financial Data

All Republicans $9,102,411 $2,010,176
All Democrats $19,899,331 $3,500,778
Other $29,330 $5,078

*Total from 2020-2021 (updated 7/16/2021) **As of 6/30/2021 report

Filler-Corn, Eileen D $1,178,304
Herring, Charniele D $833,280
Torian, Luke D $703, 150
King, Candi D $670,738
Clark, Nadarius D $611,135
Milde, Paul R $587,829
Clemente, Nick R $468,610
Kilgore, Terry R $304,822
Bell, Rob R $258,006
Pyon, Harold R $251,811

*Total from 2020-2021 (as of 6/30/2021 reporting period). Reflects candidates on the November 2, 2021 ballot.

Filler-Corn, Eileen D $1,217,967
Torian, Luke D $577,738
Herring, Charniele D $572,547
Helmer, Dan D $300,746
Bell, Rob R $281,594
VanValkenburg, Schuyler D $277,556
Clemente, Nick R $233,934
O’Quinn, Israel R $226,405
Pyon, Harold R $197,878
Knight, Barry R $191,553

*As of the 6/30/2021 report. Reflects candidates on the November 2, 2021 ballot.